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On the Piruku Island for the past 1000 years common villagers have been dwelling and prospering from the tourism for curious travellers, who like to visit their sacred pyramid Arkr. 

But now The Big Ghost Ant has inhabited their sacred place and started to terrorise the villagers with its summoned ghosts. 

The Island is currently in quarantine and locals are suffering. 

However you (the Ghost Hunter) have heard about their troubles and embarked on a mission to help them. Will you be able to defeat the Monster and save the local villagers?


> Original level design;

> New textures;

> New scripts for environments;

> New original music;

> Footsteps sounds;

> Camera breathing movement;

> Animation of light;

> New script for typewrite effect;

> Modified interface.


Created by Roman E. Gulbrandr

Music: Mike @bipolarmunkey, Jonathan Gjertsen @Buoy, Maffi @Maffi1996

Special thanks: Ann Gry


TGS_Windows.zip 251 MB
TGH_MacOS.zip 252 MB

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