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A visual novel set in space following adventures of two sisters, who are continuing their family business trading mushrooms between planets. 

Playing as June, an older sister, you return to help July after your moms have retired. You’ve left to get an education years ago, so you will have to relearn some basics, as well as rebuild the relationship with your sister. 

On your adventure you will meet a variety of characters, some of them might become close friends depending on your social skills and preferences. Meet the legendary pirate queen, an anarchistic smuggler, and an orderly customs officer, among others. 

More than that, you will have to navigate political issues and decide whether you are going to become a member of the Union and how involved you want to be in the life of the community, or maybe you choose to lean towards libertarianism? What does freedom mean to you? What do you think is right or wrong? This game will challenge you to make up your mind and have opinions about many things, including feminism, discrimination and environment. Keep your mind open! 

Oh, and you get to expose a criminal and save a whole planet. Or not – you pick your battles! 

This is a DEMO version of PART I of this story made for Kombucham #2 in July 2022.

Age: 18+

Warnings: substances

Jam themes: Sismance / Childhood memories

Other themes: LGBTQ+ / Cultural & interspecies diversity / Politics

About the creators:

Programmer: Roman Gerkin, a game developer. This is his 12th game. Twitter: @gulbrandr1

Writer: Ann Grá, writer, poet, lecturer, a Hugo Awards finalist as a fanzine co-editor (2020&2021). Twitter: @anngraigh

This is a DEMO version of the game. We are a team of two: a programmer and a writer. This is why art in this version is a sample art from PC98 games like DOOP, as well as a few other artists. 

We plan to look for financing in order to hire a professional artist and finish the game later this year. We have a draft of the full script at this moment. 

Please support us! To keep updated, you can follow us @gulbrandr1 on twitter. 

We would love to hear from you! Any comments, suggestions, sensitivity issues? Let us know! 


New Life by Maarten Schellekens

Space! by HoliznaCC0


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Great project, hope it gets financing.
What is the engine used?


Thank you! 

It makes with Unity and Fungus (visual novel framework).